Where We’re Going

Zanzibar skylineJust a quick update that mirrors our last newsletter to let our friends, family, and supporters know where this year is taking us.


We couldn’t be more excited to be “settled” back in our Zambia home. But the jet lag had barely worn off from our overseas plane flight back to Africa before Jake headed off on his first trip to the Middle East. What an unbelievable and supernatural trip THAT was. He returned from there just yesterday and we are already gearing up for our family’s travel to North Africa in April.

As a reminder for those of you who may not know, Jake and I function as the Directors of Operations for Overland Mission’s work in Africa. That means that we oversee the pioneering and staff in Zambia, Mozambique, Angola, Zanzibar, and Northern Africa. We travel to these places regularly as well as traveling throughout our bases in Zambia and in addition to pioneering new areas. We have dozens AMAZING co-laborers who are the heroes of the faith in their work in these rural areas.

Often, when artists “fall in love” they have more “inspiration” to complete their work in a way that is relevant and passionate. We may not be amazing artists, but we are not missionaries who are getting tired and discouraged with the years of work in difficult circumstances weighing on our shoulders. We are ministers of the Gospel who are MORE INSPIRED TODAY than we were YESTERDAY and more IN LOVE with Jesus and with what He does for the people He calls His own than we were when we started this journey. We will go anywhere and do anything for the sake of His name. And we intend for this year to be the most anointed, effective, and PASSION-filled year yet. 

Where are we going?

March 5th: Arrived on our Zambia base! Home sweet home! Woohoo!

March 14th: Jacob traveled to the capital of Zambia to minister at a government level and proceeded from there on to lead a conference in the Middle East. (I TOLD YOU the doors were open!)

April 7th-21st: Family recon trip to Northern Africa to visit our new staff team there and strategize ministry in that area.

Late April: Tribal Chaplaincy training in the Eastern Province of Zambia.

May: Jacob travels to D.R. Congo to assist with the establishing of our team that will be launching soon!

June-early July: Revival week on Rapid 14 base and our annual Chief’s Dinner.

Late July: Family recon through Northwest Zambia.

August: Family trip to minister with our team in Muslim East Africa.

September: Jacob projected travel to Angola.

December: Family projected travel to Mozambique to meet with Africa-wide staff.

Friends, we truly have the DREAM JOB. We’re trusting the Lord to send us to 6 nations this year in addition to traveling extensively in Zambia. Jake will also make monthly trips to Lusaka in order to minister to tribal and government leadership in the nation. Here’s the clincher: This is not aimless travel. This is intentional ministry in places where teams have recently been launched. It’s critical, early harvest days! What a privilege to serve our Magnificent King in places where the world would like for us to believe are impossible, hostile, or disenchanted with the Gospel message. Let us assure you, THIS IS NOT TRUE. The harvest is plentiful, and our hearts are bursting with the opportunities we had to minister in America which have led to more opportunities in Africa. Can you tell we’re excited for this next two year run in Africa?

We don’t only minister in Zambia anymore, so we thought we’d implore you to pray for the nations that we’re traveling to, that Overland Missions has placed missionaries in, and for the nations that we’re still believing to reach by the end of 2018. Please stay connected with us on this journey-we will need you more than ever next year at this time as we are mapping out what doors are open for 2018. Consider being a part of our annual ministry team—it is good seed sown in areas we have all been led to believe are “impossible.” Without you, what we do is not possible—we’re so grateful for your partnership.


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