Visit from the Emperor

“The last great gift I want to give to my people is a move of God.”

With a tear rolling down his distinguished face, Emperor Mwanta Yanvwa of the Lunda tribe professed this heart cry to my husband, Jacob Schwertfeger, when they met in Lubumbashi, DRC in September of last year.

Neither of them understood the weight behind their “chance” meeting. Jacob’s passport had been detained by Congolese police and he made calls in desperation to the highest authorities he could think of. The MwantaYanvwa caught wind of the situation, righted the wrong, and insisted on a face-to-face meeting–with a missionary.

A mere eight months later, and history was made as the Emperor and his Queen, surrounded by a party of senior chiefs and entourage, entered Livingstone for the first time in the history of the tribe. The MwantaYanvwa traveled three days by road and one day by air to reach us from his remote place amongst the Lunda people. Overland Mission’s Rapid 14 base had the privilege of hosting him and his leaders for a week of revival meetings. At first, the tribal officials didn’t understand the cause of his travel. “But”, they admitted at last, “We have come to the conclusion that this is a spiritual encounter.”

We sat together as a Body of Christ during that week and rejoiced under the presence of the Lord, thanking Him for His purpose in every tribe, tongue, and nation. What an honor it was to minister the freedom and joy of Jesus to the Emperor, his Queen, the senior chiefs and their wives, and those in official government positions. Joy and praise abounded because the country and continent that the world has dared to label the “Heart of Darkness” has begun to burst into Marvelous Light through the call and anointing on these tribal leaders who are fathers and mothers to their people. We truly believe that the plan and purpose of our good Father will shine on the faces of those leaders who have committed their ways to Him. And THAT is a visitation worth everything.


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