I have been reading a book called Into Africa, which is the account of David Livingstone’s exploration into sub-Saharan Africa.  I am so gripped by Livingstone’s grit and gumption to reach places that had never before been reached.

One of the mentalities that our team has developed over the years is that we will not allow the World to define what is “too difficult” for us.  In a day and age where many people would be overwhelmed by an 18 hour plane flight, we are still pioneering locations that require 4 to 5 days of transit to reach.

A pioneer is someone who does not allow the standard to define him or her.  They set the “standard” and live to push the envelope.  Praise God that our willingness to be pioneers is linked to the incredible reality that we serve a King who is WORTHY of our lives!  No matter how difficult it may be to pioneer the DR Congo, we are committed to see it through because Jesus declared once and for all that He died for all people.

My fervent prayer is that this year the Lord will continue to open doors for us to get into those places that have been “closed” for so long.  We long for the opportunity to represent the Kingdom of Heaven and preach the Gospel in territories throughout the Earth — that every tribe, tongue and nation may know that Jesus is King and He lives!




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